The Safest Vaccine for your Cats!

The Safest Vaccine for your Cats!

The Safest Vaccine for your Cats!

The Safest Vaccine for Your Cats

Getting your cat regularly vaccinated against diseases like rabies and feline distemper is an essential part of keeping your kitty healthy, but that doesn’t mean that the vaccines don’t come with a risk of some scary side effects!

However, there are ways to help reduce the chance that your cat experiences these side effects, but first, let’s look at the potential side effects vaccines pose and why. 

Potential Health Threats

Knowing the side effects of the vaccines you give your cat is important so you can watch for signs and catch any problems early. Vaccines have been known to cause severe allergic reactions or inflammatory responses. 

While some side effects are treatable and can be reduced or even completely cleared up, there are also some serious issues like autoimmune diseases and even vaccine-related cancer. Interestingly, it seems that the vaccine itself is not the issue, but rather the additives in the vaccine. 

What Really Causes the Side Effects?

The active antibodies in your cat’s vaccine are rarely the cause of any reported side effects. Instead, it seems that the reactions are usually caused by the adjuvants included in the vaccine. This substance is used to help deliver the vaccine to the body, but for some kitties, it can be a major issue! 

How Can I Avoid Side Effects?

Thankfully, there is a vaccine company that realized how badly this adjuvant can affect some cats, and set out to make a vaccine without it! Purevax is the name of the company. Though not all vets carry this brand automatically, you could try to request that they order it before your cat’s next round of vaccines. PureVax makes vaccines for both of the recommended core vaccines for cats: Rabies and FVRCP. 

While vaccines are an important part of your cat’s health plan, it’s essential to know the risks associated with this important process. As the best cat owner you can, you want to reduce these side effects as much as you can, and Purevax can help you do that!

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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