Think Twice before Purchasing an Automatic Litter Box!

Think Twice before Purchasing an Automatic Litter Box!

Think Twice before Purchasing an Automatic Litter Box!

Considering an Automatic Litter Box... think TWICE!


Hello again to all of my amazing pet-lovers, I missed the mark to get my newsletter out to all of you yesterday because honestly I have been struggling over here, first I had a viral illness that lasted two weeks (not sure if it was THE virus), and that through my body into an autoimmune flare which has been causing all kinds of informational and pain, so I have just been OFF my rhythm!  But like always, this too shall pass, and I am doing my best to keep delivering all of this much needed info to all of you every week!  So this is my second to LAST video in my “All About Litter Boxes” series... and today I am unveiling the SECOND reason why I do not recommend an automatic litter box for your cats health and safety.  

I discussed my reason number one last week which highlights the hazard of not being able to monitor your cat urine and fecal waste everyday which can mean missed warning signs of illness.  If you missed it, you can read the blog HERE on our website - our watch the video HERE.
The SECOND reason why I don't recommend any automatic litter box and say that they can be a hazard to your cats is due to the automatic sensors they operate their cycles on.  These sensors present an unfortunately common problem especially in multi cat households.  Let me give you the scenario:  You have two kitties in your home, and kitty #1 heads to the litter box to go pee.  Kitty #1 does his business and then leaves the automatic litter box.  Three minutes later, kitty #2 just happens to be needing to go to the box and walks up to enter it at just the same moment the timed cleaning cycle begins and the box starts turning and making noise, this then scares the cat who then decides to go pee in your closet instead.  This can create an avoidance of the litter box behavior which = peeing and pooping in the house which becomes a BIG problem real fast!  I get inquiries for consults on just this issue every-single-day!!!
This risk is also not just in the case of multi-cat households, but can be a problem even with one cat if the cat happens to be going through a medical problem which causes frequent urination, or diarrhea causing frequent bowel movements.  Again, your cat may just happen to need to go back into the box only a few minutes after using it the first time, risking them walking up to enter the box JUST as the cycle starts and again, scaring them away from the box for good!

If you already Do have an automatic litter box and you are not willing to toss it out some simple ways you can avoid this ever becoming an issue in your home are:

1.  Be certain to have at least 2 automatic litter boxes set up at all times.
2.  Also add a third or fourth open, flat litter box in another area of the house.
3. Set your automatic box timer to the shortest possible duration to start the cleaning cycle.  

This way just in case the box cycle ever starts just as your cat goes to enter it and gets spooked away from it, he has another option to go to which is very enticing because it is easy to enter and open which he will especially want once in a startled state of body and mind.  

"Give your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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