Tips for Keeping Cats off Counters!

Tips for Keeping Cats off Counters!

Tips for Keeping Cats off Counters!

If you have difficulty with your cats jumping on counters you are not alone, this is one of the most challenging cat behavior issues for cat caregivers to work through.  

Here are some different techniques you can use with your kitty to help mitigate this often annoying behavior:





1.   Use positive reinforcement to train your kitty to stay off the counters by calling them down off the counter anytime you see them up there luring them with a treat or favorite toy.  Only once they have jumped down off the counter and come to you do they get the reward; and each time slowly call them further and further from the counter before rewarding. Consistency is key, and the goal is eventually they learn to stay in an area in the kitchen waiting for a treat without jumping onto the counters.  


2.  Designate an acceptable place for the to sit on the counter.  This can be a small mat, or small rug. Anytime they are in the kitchen you call them over to the mat repeating "mat, mat" until they walk onto it.  Immediately give a treat.  Continue to treat them every 30 secs - 1 min they stay on the mat.  If they walk off, simply call them back again and treat.  A clicker is a great help with this one too.


3.  Lastly, check into motion activated air spray pet corrector options like this one on  These spray a safe odorless, stainless burst of air when your cat jumps onto the counter helping to safely teach them this is unwanted behavior. 


Please be certain to never spray your cat with water, or make loud noises at them as this may cause your cat to fear you and/or create fear-aggression toward other pets in the home causing more problems for everyone. 


  • The pet sprayers are hilarious. My three sphynx used them for boxing practice and to get a nice spray in the face. Lol.

    Amy on

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