top dehydrated dog food
Last week I gave you the "Top Cat Dehydrated Food Brands." This week, I continue bringing you my pet-food lists and it is "Top Dehydrated Dog Food Brands." time.  As a certified pet nutritionist, I know that the best diet you can give your pets is a balanced fresh raw diet, however I also know that is not always possible for everyone's lifestyle, budget, etc. etc.  

A quality dehydrated dog food can be a nice option because it is super easy and convenient, but also outweighs the health of alternatives canned or dry kibble.  Although many of the diets are very pricey, and I find that some dog's simply don't love them and eat them very well, they might be a great option for you especially if you are not open to a freeze-dried raw option. (list coming next email :) 

With no further ado,  here are the top  choices for dehydrated dog foods are: 

1. Spot Farms dehydrated dog food: $0.37 cents per oz.
2. Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food. $0.38 cents per oz.
3. Sojo's dehydrated dog food: $0.52 cents per oz.
4. Addiction dehydrated dog food: $0.59 per oz.
5. Canisource dehydrated dog food: $0.61 cents per oz. 
6. Only Natural Pet dehydrated dog food: $0.82 cents per oz.
7. I and Love and You dehydrated dog food: $0.84 cents per oz. 


Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.