UV Sun-Blocking Suits on Your Hairless Pet?

UV Sun-Blocking Suits on Your Hairless Pet?

UV Sun-Blocking Suits on Your Hairless Pet?

If there's one thing we know about our feline friends, it's that they've got an uncanny knack for finding the sunniest spot in the room. Whether it's stretching out on a windowsill in a sunbeam or performing acrobatic feats to bask in a sun puddle's warmth, cats are the undisputed masters of solar-soaking relaxation. But what happens when your feline companion is as hairless as a beach bum's tan lines?

Your Sphynx cat, draped in the trendiest UV-protective attire, strutting around like the hottest catwalk model in town is undoubtedly utterly adorable, but these shirts are more than just fashionable – they are essential to protecting your kitty from the harmful rays of the sun.


When should you be using these clothes on your hairless pets?

So the rule for our pets is the same as the rule for ourselves - it’s perfectly healthy and safe to have full sun exposure for 10 to 15 minutes daily. 

If you’re going to have your pet outside for more than 15 minutes in direct sunlight, you should put them into a UV-protective sun shirt and make sure you apply some renewed pet sunscreen (taking care to ensure you protect their delicate noses and ears). Please do not ever use human sunscreen on your pets - it is SO dangerous!

If your pet is spending a lot of time in the sun in front of a window or a door they can be safe for up to an hour of full sun exposure inside the house. I recommend adding UV sunblock to all doors and windows in your house where your cat gets sun exposure, however, if they are spending more than an hour in direct sunlight inside then you’ll also want to use a UV sun shirt to protect them.

These sun shirts make our pets look super adorable, but they also serve a very important purpose of protecting our pets from sun damage and potential skin cancer from too much UV exposure.

Charlie and Stubbin like to shop at Purrwear and Polo Cats for the most fashionable ranges of sun-safe clothing. If you choose your own supplier, make sure you do your research as some companies are selling clothes that are not actually UV-blocking and charging premium prices. 

So, help your Sphynx embrace their inner sunbathing diva and show the world that style and sun protection go paw in paw. 

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H



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