WARNING Pet food conglomerates are buying Vet Clinics!

WARNING Pet food conglomerates are buying Vet Clinics!

WARNING Pet food conglomerates are buying Vet Clinics!

Why should we be concerned that pet food conglomerates are buying vet clinics?

For the past few years, there has been an alarming trend of processed pet food giants purchasing veterinary clinics. Due to this practice, many previously independent veterinary facilities have been acquired from these  large corporations.  Most of the time, instead of focusing on the health of your pets, these new "clinic owners" are focused mainly on generating profits, and not really valuing you, your pets, or the people who work for them. Not to mention, this practice further increases the already giant problem of veterinary clinics continually pushing low quality processed prescription foods on your pets, which only further perpetuate health problems. Like it or not, we are living in an era of monopolization of veterinary healthcare which puts the health and well being of our beloved pets in danger!

What can we do to make a difference in this disturbing practice?  As pet owners we have the ultimate say on what we allow to happen in the market of pet health care, because we are technically the consumer in the equation.  We can choose to assert this power of not supporting these low quality group animal care facilities by choosing to only support the small locally privately owner veterinary clinics to care for our pets.  Or, better yet, seeking out a holistically trained veterinarian who will also be supporting our pets health naturally and holistically not further the problem of pollution to our pet's system with drugs as well the environment through the use of these drugs.  Make the effort even if it costs a bit more, or requires an extra 10 minute travel time; it will be well worth it for the health of your pet and the future of veterinary medicine. 

For further reading reference:  https://truthaboutpetfood.com/a-concerning-pet-industry-monopoly/

Give your pets the BEST of the natural life!   


Your Holistic Pet Coach, 

April Arguin

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