What Are the Different Breeds of Skinny Pig?

What Are the Different Breeds of Skinny Pig?

What Are the Different Breeds of Skinny Pig?

Today, we're looking at the different breeds of skinny pigs—Lethal White, Baldwin, Werewolf, and the Regular Skinny to help you better understand their special care needs.

The Regular Skinny Pig

The regular skinny pig is the most common type you'll encounter. These cuties are characterized by their hairless bodies, save for some fuzz on their muzzles, feet, and legs. Their skin can come in various colors and patterns, just like their furry guinea pig cousins.

Special Care Considerations:

Skin Care: You should never use anything on your skinny pig that has not been specially formulated for hairless pets. RenewedPet offers a range of skincare products that are expertly developed to care for the unique skin needs of skinny pigs. The skinny pig kit comes with everything you need to care for your skinny pig’s skin in the best way.

Environment: Regular skinnies need protection from extreme temperatures due to their lack of fur. A cozy, warm habitat is essential in the winter, while summer calls for cool, shaded spots.

Diet: A balanced diet of hay, fresh veggies, and vitamin C supplements will keep them happy and healthy.

Companionship: They love company, so consider getting a buddy for your skinny pig to prevent loneliness.

The Werewolf Skinny Pig

Werewolf Skinny Pigs are a fascinating variation, boasting patches of hair that give them a "werewolf" appearance. These patches are usually found on their noses, legs, and backs. 

Special Care Considerations:

Grooming: Their hair patches require minimal grooming but keep an eye out for any skin issues underneath. 

Sun Protection: Don’t be fooled, the hair on this type of skinny pig offers little protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Like all skinny pigs, their exposed skin needs protection from the sun, so a safe, shaded area is crucial when they're exploring outside their cage. You can also consider using a pet-safe sunscreen if they’re going to be outside for longer than an hour.

The Baldwin

Baldwin skinny pigs are born with a full coat of hair, which they gradually lose over the first few months of life, resulting in a completely hairless adult. Yup, not even nose fluff! 

Special Care Considerations:

Temperature Control: Without any hair, Baldwins are particularly sensitive to cold and heat. Ensure their living environment is well-regulated for both temperature and humidity.

Skin Health: Regular use of products specially formulated for hairless pets will ensure their skin stays soft, supple and luxurious. The sensitive skinny pig kit might be more suited for these baldies.

The Lethal White

Lethal Whites are a rare and special skinny pig that usually results from unethical breeding practices. They are not a distinct breed but can occur in any litter where both parents carry the gene for white coloring. These skinny pigs are entirely or mostly white, with pink or red eyes. Unfortunately, they are prone to a host of health issues, including dental problems, blindness, deafness, stunted growth, and digestive issues. Their life expectancy is much shorter and their special needs mean they can be expensive to care for.

Special Care Considerations:

Veterinary Visits: Regular check-ups are crucial to monitor their health and catch any issues early.

Special Diet: They may require a softer diet or special feeding techniques if dental problems arise.

Extra Love and Attention: Given their health challenges, Lethal Whites need lots of tender loving care and patience from their owners.

Regardless of the breed, all skinny pigs thrive on attention, love, and proper care. Whether you have a Regular, Werewolf, Baldwin, or the special Lethal White, understanding their specific needs is key to providing a loving and suitable home. 

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Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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