What is Cat-Attractant Litter and Should You Use it For Your Cat?

What is Cat-Attractant Litter and Should You Use it For Your Cat?

What is Cat-Attractant Litter and Should You Use it For Your Cat?

What is cat-attractant litter and should you use it for your cats?



Several companies market something called cat-attractant litter. One of my favorite litter companies, Dr. Elsey’s, has some of these options too.

In my experience, this litter actually does work very well. I have not tried other brands on the market, but Dr. Elsey’s brand is very effective in motivating your cat back to the litter box if they’ve been choosing to go elsewhere.

However, be sure to choose the crystal type as linked above. The other cat attractant litters are clumping clay cat litter and because of the risk of intestinal blockages due to the properties of the clumping clay I no longer like to recommend these litters to cat parents.

Another reason why I love Dr. Elsey’s brand is that they sell  the herbal cat attractant powder that you can purchase separately and add to any cat litter that you are currently using to achieve the same result.

Today’s cat tip - I do like and promote cat attractant litter as a great option to get reluctant cats back to their litter box, however I don’t recommend using a clumping clay type - rather buy the attractant powder and add it to your current cat-safe litter.

Check out all my recommendations for cat-safe litter HERE.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H


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