What to Do if your Cat has Diarrhea!

What to Do if your Cat has Diarrhea!

What to Do if your Cat has Diarrhea!

What to Do if Your Cat Has Diarrhea

Many pet owners will go through an illness with their fur kids, and often these illnesses are accompanied by bouts of diarrhea, otherwise known as the dreaded “Hershey squirts.”


Thankfully, most issues that cause diarrhea can be cleared up in 3-5 days naturally using the tips and tricks below.
However, if the diarrhea is severe or lasts longer than that, it’s important to visit your vet as soon as possible to prevent dehydration and get the illness treated. 

3 Steps to Treat Diarrhea Naturally

  1. Fast for 12 hours.
    The first step is to reduce the strain on their digestive system, so I recommend fasting, or not feeding, your kitty for 12 hours. Be sure to only do this for 12 hours; any more than that starts to get dangerous for your kitty.
    Keeping their digestive system empty for a period of time helps your cat’s body figure out what is causing the issue and fix it naturally. 
  2. Feed bland, home-cooked meals.
    After the 12 hours of fasting are done, skip your cat’s usual diet for a few days. Instead, feed them a bland diet of boiled chicken or turkey, white rice, and simple veggies like spinach and carrots.  Be sure to add no spices or salts, as these can worsen your kitty’s diarrhea.
  3. Add supplements to your cat’s food.
    This is optional, but could really speed up your cat’s recovery! Probiotics and digestive enzymes can help return your cat’s gut to normal.

Cleaning the Mess

During your cat’s bout with diarrhea, it can get quite messy and unsanitary. You may have to scoop their litter box a few extra times a day and may have to clean up your cat's backside. 

Grab a bottle of our ReNewedPet Booty Wash to keep everyone clean! 

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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