Why Choose a Shampoo That Is Specifically Made For Your Hairless Pet?

Why Choose a Shampoo That Is Specifically Made For Your Hairless Pet?

Why Choose a Shampoo That Is Specifically Made For Your Hairless Pet?

When we humans choose our shampoo, we tend to choose a formulation that is specific to our hair, because not everyone has the same hair needs. Similarly, our hairless pets have different needs to furry pets and so, need a shampoo that is specifically tailored to them. 

A shampoo that is made for furry pets cannot be effective in meeting the needs of our baldies. Of course, fur-pets have skin too, but their skin is protected from environmental factors and so typically is not as sensitive as our hairless babies who are naked to the elements.

When choosing to adopt a hairless pet of any breed, one of the foremost concerns that should be in your mind is their skin care routine. Healthy Skin = Happy Pet!

Typically, standard pet shampoo 

  • Has a high soap percentage, which dries out the skin - something a hairless pet does not need.
  • Does not contain enough natural oils to moisturize the skin - something a hairless pet really needs.
  • Has an acidic PH which is too harsh for the sensitive skin of hairless pets.
  • Often contains synthetic ingredients, which can be harmful and cause sickness when absorbed through the skin.
  • Can hurt your pet’s eyes.

Here is the date safety sheet for Hylyt, which is unfortunately still used frequently by many hairless pet owners who have not yet heard of our products.

You can see it clearly states how damaging this product can be to your baby’s eyes and skin.

Luckily, there are better products out there, specifically formulated for the unique skin needs of all kinds of hairless pets.

At RenewedPet we are committed to excellence and raising the standards of pet care through education. Our products do not contain a single drop of anything harmful, so you can use them with peace of mind that your precious pet is exposed to only the best.

Our shampoo comes in 3 formulations - regular, sensitive and restorative, because we know that every hairless pet has different skin needs.

All 3 of our 4-Hairless Pets Shampoos:

  • Have a low percentage of skin drying soap so your pet does not lose any of that precious skin moisture.
  • Are extremely effective at cleaning away dirt and debris while ALSO moisturizing the skin through our unique and expert blends of natural oils.
  • Are 100% organic and non-GMO - nothing comes from a lab (we source everything carefully from reputable and environmentally ethical companies).
  • Uses recyclable packaging made from recycled materials.
  • Will not irritate the eyes or skin (and if your pet has a small drink of their bath water, it won’t hurt their tummy).

By choosing products that are made with your hairless pet’s needs at the forefront, you can reduce your pet’s discomfort as you say goodbye to skin itches, rashes, irritations and reactions and reduce your wallet’s discomfort at costly vet bills to address these completely avoidable skin issues. It's WIN-WIN!

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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