Why would you want/need a WaterLess Pet Shampoo for your hairless pets?

Why would you want/need a WaterLess Pet Shampoo for your hairless pets?

Why would you want/need a WaterLess Pet Shampoo for your hairless pets?

When we created the NudieNaturals waterless pet shampoo, we primarily developed it to this shampoo to give a break between traditional water baths for us as the pet parents, and for our hairless pets. However, since developing it several years ago now, we have found many different reasons why it is a much
more needed and appreciated product to many pet parents than we ever imagined.  


As it turns out, even as fantastically obliging MOST hairless pets are to grooming, there are some out there who are absolute TERRORS when it comes to bath time!  We have had many customers tell us this waterless shampoo saved them and their pets who they simply could NOT bathe other-wise.  I remember one woman in particular telling me how much of a blessing this was because of her bleeding disorder and her bath-intolerant sphynx, she was no longer able to
bath her and felt horrible about the situation until she found our waterless shampoo.  

You may consider trying the waterless shampoo yourself, if you fall in any of the reasons below :)

  1. If you have a pet who does not tolerate traditional water baths.
  2. If you have a pet who suffers with severe chronically dry skin; as this waterless shampoo is soap- free (soap exacerbates dry skin)
  3. Great alternative to “wipes” which are often polluted with synthetic ingredients and plastics and are very bad for the environment.
  4. This shampoo provides and a great alternative for needed in-between-bath, clean-ups; Far less expense, and saves resources as you use washable gloves vs. throwing away paper wipes each time. 
  5. Also is great for traveling when traditional water baths may prove difficult on the road, but your baby still needs some cleaning-up during a trip.

Our waterless shampoo is now available in the regular, sensitive, and restorative formulations, as well as offered individually, or in combos with the bath shampoo and conditioner.  

Give your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!

 ~Your Holistic Pet Coach, 

April Arguin

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