Working for my passion for animals!

Working for my passion for animals!

Working for my passion for animals!

When you work for more than just the money!

The other day, I was doing some daydreaming, and thinking about NudieNaturals, and being your Holistic Pet Coach, and my dreams of where to take things in the future, and I realized that I am often focused on my work.  I realize that I am very blessed to be doing work that is fulfilling my passion and helping the greater good, and just how satisfying that is to my soul!  I truly believe that if you are working only for yourself, only for money, only for success, praise, and accolades, you are missing the point. If you remain focused on these things only you will end up still not having money, never feeling BIG enough, or close enough to the top... it will never be enough.

When I began LiLNudists Cattery 14 years ago, I didn’t think about making money, I simply had a desire to become a part of these amazing hairless cat breeds, share my life with them, and learn EVERYTHING I possibly could to raise them well and healthy for others to have the pleasure of loving.

Again, when I created NudieNaturals 4 years ago and began Holistic Pet Coaching last year, I am not focusing on making money or being anything more than who I am. No I do not have a veterinary degree, No I am not wealthy, so my products are not made in mass quantity in some chemically sterilized factory, my coaching is done from years of love, experience, research, education in nutrition and healing, and intuition for the pets I love. My products are made from my countless, insane amount of hours of independent learning and research and collaborations with others with love for all these amazing creatures, in our home by our own hands. 

This is how I stay grounded and focused in this big crazy world where it seems so many are fighting for the same things, and ready to tear someone else down whenever they get a chance.  Do what you do for the LOVE of it, and to better the world in some small way. Work for the greater good, work to serve more than just you, and be authentic and watch the magic happen.

"Give your Pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"


Your Holistic Pet Coach,


April Arguin


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