April Arguin - aka PetCoach April, C.P.N., M.P.H


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Check out my interview with world renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker here for more information on what to expect in a consultation with me:
Hi!  I am PetCoachApril©. I am a C.P.N, (Certified Pet Nutritionist), as well as a P.M.H., (Pet Master Herbalist), I also hold an A.S. degree in science (currently working towards my Bachelors) in the medical field, and I have been continually studying pet health, nutrition, and holistic, natural medicine since 2010.   I have been a life-long animal lover, as well as health and fitness enthusiast, and have never gone a day in my life without being owned by dogs and cats.  I have had experience with a wide-range of breeds including, GSP, Sheltie, Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle, Chihuahua, Terriers, Maine Coon cats, Domestic Cats, and the exotic Sphynx & Bambino Cats. I began to combine my two loves in 2010, when I began to really understand the depth of how much nutrition, holistic medicine, and life-style played an important role for the physical and emotional needs of my pets as well as myself.

I have gained a great deal of experience during the past 15 years with both hands-on experience, and independent and professional studies, while both striving to give the best care to my own pets, as well as the cattery I owned and operated since 2007, to 2014.  I have expanded my knowledge greatly to understand not only the best nutritional practices for pets, but also the best use of vaccinations, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical medications, herbal therapies, behavioral modifications and more.

I also come from a place of great personal health challenges, living with a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial myopathy, primary immunodeficiency, as well as chronic lyme disease & EBV. It is a good thing I was already fascinated by all things medical, both conventional and alternative because I have practically had to earn a doctorate just to keep my own health stable through the years. There has been much pain, physically and emotionally for me through the losses of physical abilities, and my previous life in the medical profession. However I am moving forward and choosing to live with passion and purpose and to use all of this knowledge I have amassed to help others through helping them learn to better care for their pets.

I strongly believe in using natural modalities whenever possible to reverse current health challenges and return the body to a natural state of homeostasis. However, I believe a balance between natural medicine and conventional medicine is best; choosing to ignore an entire framework of medicine either natural or conventional to me is not a practice based in common sense but stubbornness, and only hurts people and animals who could benefit form it.

Through my holistic pet health & behavior consults, I help my pet parents by guiding them through making simple, easy, affordable, but effective changes through nutrition, supplements, herbal medicines, conventional medicine recommendations, and behavior modifications which produce lasting health results for their beloved pets.

Thank you everyone for the support and allowing me to help you and your pet see healthier days!
Your, PetCoachApril©,
April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.