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Maria Cruz
Nice products!

Really really nice products! Blues skin loves them and believe it or not, he does too! It keeps his skin hydrated and clean. I wanted to try the kit since it gave me different things to try. I noticed that my shampoo doesn’t make any foam or bubbles so I have to mix it with a bit of aloe vera soap for kittens, but still make the function! The Ear Oil is I think one of the best products of the set, just by using it couple times during the week you can see the difference. I just love it!

D. E
Best products ever

I contacted renewedpet and asked about the best product recommendation for a hairless cat in bad shape. I got an immediate response! I placed order and was surprised how fast it came. I asked owner of cat to stay and help and she was very impressed at how it worked. The cat skin is beautiful and healthy now. Thank you! A client for like and highly recommend these products to anyone. 🐾

Nikol Buylov
Best Hairless shampoo!!!!!!!

I have bought this as a first time Sphynx mother as my cat is pretty much Pig😂. Within hours sometimes minutes of being washed, she is instantly dirty again. So I thought I’d get her a nice special Sphinx shampoo so that I could be sure bath time didn’t irritate her skin. And I love that it’s all natural products and aloe-vera, which make sure that the skin has moisture at all times, and it adds a soft touch to the skin.I’m definitely going to buy again from now on.

Shannon Nolan
Removed hard to remove oils

We have 3 sphynx cats. One is fairly new and we used our regular cat shampoo on her but the white part of her chest was still brown with oil. After asking her breeder what she recommended, we purchased this kit. I’ve used the shampoo, conditioner, and ear drops so far. They are all products I will continue to purchase. Along with the gloves, it makes washing my sphynx cats so much easier. The oils come off so easily and the conditioner makes them so soft! I will try the other products in the kit as well. It was nice to have a kit with a little bit of everything to try out and see what I will want to buy in larger containers next time.

Britney Kole
So Far Seems To Be Working

My sphnx developed a horrible rash/skin problem and I was suggested this product after trying many others. So far the rash has cleared up almost entirely. I'm not sure if it was due to her diet change or this product but for now I recommend it and will continue to use it while her skin stay clear.