SKIN HEALTH / Healing Skin Salve

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ReNewedPet® grooming and health products are Holistic Vet Approved, and each made with only 100% natural, non-gmo, and organic ingredients.  We use only the finest sourced ingredients which help extend health and longevity to your pets along with health-promoting, earth friendly ingredients, and packaging. 





ReNewedPet® Healing Skin Salve: This all natural skin salve is made from only the best all natural, non gmo, and organic ingredients! This salve uses natural organic oils, beeswax, and specially selected healing pet-safe herbal extracts which in combination, work to naturally heal wounds from the inside out. This healing salve can be used on all breeds of pets; cats, dogs and small animals, as well as those pets with or without fur.  Ideal for all heal wounds, burns, irritations, rashes and to help prevent scars from deep wounds. 


DIRECTIONS: With clean hands, apply a thin layer of salve onto your pet’s skin directly onto the area of wound or irritation in need of healing.  It is not harmful if ingested, however for it to be effective, preventing your pet from licking the product is needed.  To prevent licking, cover your pet in appropriate clothing or use a soft E-collar.  Re-apply 2X daily, until all signs of wound or irritation are resolved. 


*Product may harden slightly with exposure to cool temperatures.  For best use, work small amount of product around on your finger-tips to warm and soften before application.


Ingredients:  organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil, turmeric powder, proprietary blend of alcohol-free herbal extracts.



*Only the best natural, non-gmo and organic ingredients; purchased solely from US companies.

*All products and ingredients are safe for cats, dogs and select products for use on other large and small animals.

*Formulated by April Arguin A.S., C.P.N, P.M.H (associates in science, certified pet nutritionist & pet master herbalist).


"Give your pets the best of the natural life!"

~Team ReNewedPet®


DISCLAIMER:  ReNewedPet® is not liable for any individual reaction that may occur resulting from use of our products.  Our products provide gentle, non-irritating ingredients.  However, as all pets are different, we do recommend that you always check for sensitivity by performing an allergy patch test, or a reduced dose of any oral supplements prior to the initial use of any new product.  A patch test is performed by applying a small amount of product, as instructed; wait a period of 24 hours.  If any redness or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use, and contact your veterinarian. 

Customer Reviews

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Healing salve

This is my second time purchasing this product it works wonders on my sphynx she will get small irritation spots I’ll put some of this salve on and it will be gone in a few days.

Sam Canete

Helped my kitty heal faster than I would’ve expected!

michelle handelman
Excellent Product!! Soothing!!

This healed my cat's hot spot within a couple days. Excellent, clean product! A little goes a long way!

Amanda Graham

Helping my babies wound go away a lot quicker

Heidi Baker
Great products

Love these products. Works wonderfully.