HEART HEALTH KIT/ HCM, DCM, Heart Disease Support

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Stephen Boulton B.E.M
Heart Health Kit

After speaking to April, I ordered the Heart Health Kit for my Sphynx boy who had been diagnosed with Stage 1B HCM. He has now been on the recommended meds for 5 weeks and he seems to have found a new lease of life. April was very understanding, sympathetic and knowledgeable.

Angie Decoux

I have started this kit about a year ago when my. At was diagnosed with hcm. Since then his scans have actually improved. I continue to give to all my cats as well as his medication and prayer.

Tina Thai
Heart health you can feel good about

This kit keeps my cat’s heart healthy and I can feel good about giving it to him knowing how much the owner puts into these products. My cat doesn’t mind the taste and it is easily given to him in his raw food. My cat is healthy and happy!

Donna Robinson
They are all very healthy items!

I don't know yet if these will help my recently HCM diagnosed cat to live longer, OR to help prevent my other female cat from having this diagnosis... But they sure can't hurt! The ingredients are all very healthy, even for humans.