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Sabrina Bowser
Why did i wait !

Made my very first batch of ground beef for my 2 sweetes and they are obsessed. Now i just need to make 4 diffrent meats and vaccum seal and freeze . I am so thankful and a little bit of work is absolutely worth it!! Can only recommend for any age !

Ann Granack
Good Product

Last year, my husband and I agreed to dog sit for my brother for a few months because he had to leave for training with his new job. My husband has an old cat that is exclusively an outside one. While we had his dog at our house, she hid in our shed the entire time, lost weight and wasn't doing too good by the time my brother picked his dog up. We decided to switch her over from the dry cat food we always fed her to a raw food diet, slowly. I decided on trying Renewed Pet company first. Within about a month, she started acting like herself again, eating and drinking as usual and definitely more playful than ever before. She has been on it for 4 months now and we have seen a huge difference. Will never go back to store-bought cat food again. Thank you!

Gayle Schmidt
Healthy sphynx

I initially consulted April when my rescue sphynx, Louie had chronic diarrhea. I then adopted another rescue sphynx, Henry and surprisingly he had the same problem. No mater what I tried, from prescription cat food to adding supplements to his food, it still persisted. After a consultation with April, I purchased the homemade pet food supplement for cooked. After two days of eating this new diet, the diarrhea stopped and has never returned. Louie has since crossed the rainbow bridge (heart attack). But little Henry and his new brother, Astin a Peterbald are eating this same diet, successfully. Thank you April.

Karri W
The best.....still

I've been feeding raw/homemade for almost a year. In that quest I am always researching and reading more because learning never ends for me when it comes to the health and wellbeing of the five furry dog kids of ours! I have yet to find anything that "checks all the boxes" and can balance out the homemade recipe with such ease as this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!!

Mary W
Everything they need, in one formula

So easy to use and love that it’s all natural with no unnecessary fillers. Being able to use this balancer without bone helps support my girl who was recently diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. Vet had recommended a commercial kidney diet that was full of grain and byproducts. Seemed such a conflict to feed dry food (the canned was not much better) to a cat requires extra moisture to help her kidneys! Found a raw diet formulated for KD but she did not care for the consistency and was reluctant to eat it.

This product allows complete control over the quality and type of ingredients. Does it take a little effort to make food from scratch? Of course. Are they worth it? YOU BET!! Is it finger licking good? Pawsitively!🐾