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Alma Coronel
Good product

It seems to be working. I have a rescue 1 year old staffy mix who was always throwing up. She was dewormed and still would throw up. I started using this probiotic and she’s not eating grass and throwing up anywhere near as she used to.

The only con is the price. This is a bit expensive.

The product was shipped right away.

Brenda D
very helpful for IBD

I started giving my dog Fidospore after a recent flareup of his IBD. Its been about a week and he has totally stopped 'fly biting' and watching his stomach and has a lot more energy. He's a small dog who reacts to everything so I started with only a half capsule a day and have not seen any need to increase the dose as it seems to be working just fine.

Kimberly Leon

I was looking for a research-based probiotic for my fur babies and was pleased to find it here with renewed pet. Best pricing and quick shipping!! The probiotics have made a huge difference and my fur babies digestive system is happy! I’ll keep shopping here as the service is excellent!!

Diane Walker

This probiotic works so well for my IBD dog. All other lactose based probiotics were not helping her symptoms. Many dogs with her condition may do better with soil based probiotics. . This seemed to work in a few days to help with regular stool. Very happy to have found this product.

Seems to work

I only got a 30 day supply of this probiotic and I wish I would have gotten at least 60-days supply. I mainly ordered it because my 11 year old Rottweiler is irregular and this probiotic was being advertised for “constipation”. It seemed to work well while my dog was taking it but he didn’t take it long enough to really say for sure this product made a difference. It is is a little more expensive than the other probiotic I have used.