Are Pet Multi-Vitamins needed?

Are Pet Multi-Vitamins needed?

Are Pet Multi-Vitamins needed?

Are Pet Multi-Vitamins Necessary?


Yes! The truth is, even if you are feeding your pet the best quality diet possible, which is a home-made balanced diet, or a commercially-made diet of fresh gently cooked or raw foods, because much of the foods available in today's food supply chain are sadly not as rich in nutrients as they should be, or used to be a century ago, even with the best diet, your pet can experience nutritional deficiencies today without a quality pet multi-vitamin added to the mix. 


How to choose a Pet Multi-Vitamin!

There is one huge thing to consider when searching for the right pet multi-vitamin for your pet, and that is to know whether the vitamins are from a synthetic source or a natural whole-food source. Synthetic vitamins are mad-made are isolated vitamins. These vitamins are compounds, created in a lab, that mimic natural vitamins. Versus, whole-food sourced vitamins are vitamins which have been extracted and concentrated from food sources. A comparison would be vitamin C produced from extracts of the camu camu berry, versus the synthetic version ascorbic acid created in a lab. 


Synthetic of Whole-food Multi-Vitamins?

The one benefit of synthetic vitamins is they are able to be produced in higher concentrations than that of natural whole-foods vitamins, The problem with synthetic vitamins however, is they are not as bio-available to your pet's body, which then leads to much less of the vitamin actually being absorbed into the bodies cells where it is actually needed, and much of it is expelled through the urine. In addition, there is also the real risk of vitamin toxicities from synthetic vitamins, which studies have shown can actually cause additional health issues from the bodies inability to adequately deal with the over-abundance of particular synthetic vitamins in the system.  The beauty of natural whole-food vitamins is they are 100% bio-available to your pet's body, and they are essentially toxin risk-free, unless you were to feed your pet an inappropriate amount of a whole-food vitamin, or even an actual whole food, like beef liver in large amounts daily, you do not have to worry about any toxicity risks. The body will naturally take what it needs, and release the rest. 


Which brands of Whole-Food Vitamins are best?

We offer a wonderful natural whole-food pet multi-vitamin on our website here at ReNewedPet. The multi-vitamin comes in a unique nugget for for cats, which most cats love the flavor of, and eat them up as they would any treat. We also offer a dog multi-vitamin version, which comes in a powdered form you can add to your dog's meals once per day to meet their nutritional needs. 

I understand that nothing is a one-size-fits-all however, so here are a few other pet multi-vitamin options I like and you can look into for your pets. 


Dr. Harvey's Vitamin + Mineral

NHV Multi Essentials (formula for dogs and cats)

Nutra-Thrive (formulas for dogs and cats)

Earth Animal Nutritional Supplement Powder



I hope you will now seriously consider adding this important tool into your pet's daily wellness routine. Remember, disease takes many years to develop, you may not think your pet needs a multi-vitamin now because they have no health issues, but these lack of critical nutrients is exactly the cause of many health conditions which will show up years from now and rear their ugly head. 



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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