Is Fish Oil Critical for your Pet's Health?

Is Fish Oil Critical for your Pet's Health?


Yes! The truth is, if your pet's diet is deficient in fish oil, they will suffer negative health effects in the long term. Though all kitten and puppy foods produced in the United States is mandated to require the nutrient EPA and DHA which are derivatives from fish oil, this is a vital requirement or pets of all ages. 


Why it is only required in kitten and puppy foods?!

These essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA which come from fish oils are critical for proper brain development, this is why they are required for all kitten and puppy foods on the market.  


Why is this a problem?

The problem with this is that even though an adult cat or dog's brain is no longer developing, their bodies do require these essential fatty acids found in fish oils, to maintain good brain health as well as other health-promoting factors including:

  • Brain Health
  • Skin Helath
  • Joint Health
  • Heart Health


Check your Pet's Food!

Check your pet's current food to see if they have been missing out on this critical ingredient!  If so, be sure to switch them (slowly) to a fresh balanced food which does include a healthy source of fish oil. Or you can always purchase a supplement to add to your pet's food as well, like this one we love from Dr, Mercola brand - Krill oil for Cat's and Dogs!


Keep giving your pet's the best of the natural life!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.