BEST Anti-Cat-Litter-Tracking-Mat!

BEST Anti-Cat-Litter-Tracking-Mat!

BEST Anti-Cat-Litter-Tracking-Mat!

This is the BEST Anti-Tracking Mat for keeping Cat Litter from spreading all over your house!  

Happy Friday to all my pet-parents! :)  I hope all of you and your families are healthy and well this week in light of all of this recent infection spread going on!  I am a day late this week on my newsletter because we had a VERY exciting day yesterday - my neighbor Carol lost her beloved cat "Stumpy" 8 months ago - and thanks to the amazing power of social media someone found the post I made in a local "lost and found pets group" when he went missing, and I received a message yesterday morning saying that they thought a kitty who arrived several months ago at a cat-colony behind a local grocery store might be him!

Well after a long day of many hours trying to coax him out of the woods and get him home to her, we were finally successful  at 10pm last night and Stumpy spent his first night safely back home in his mommy's arms.  If you want to watch the video of his return, I posted on my consulting FB page HERE!


Alright, onto what you are here for...This weeks Pet-Tip!  Today we continue on the “all About Litter Boxes” series, and I am talking about some great ways to help keep cat litter from being tracked all over your house.  As you may have seen last week, I personally use a litter cabinet which is my top recommended way to prevent litter-tracking, but if a litter cabinet isn’t right for you, a well designed anti-tracking litter mat is next up!

I have tried many different mats through the year,s and this one really takes the cake for being the BEST that really gets the job done.  It has a unique design of a 2-layer system with a rough perforated top layer that really grabs the litter from m your cat’s feet and then traps the litter in the middle between the two layers so you can easily just pick up the entire mat and bring it to your trash can, or outside to dump the excess litter.

There are many companies now making this mat design, but this particular one I bought for my demo is the “Exquisicat” brand from PetSmart and is great!


SitStay, and Come back next week for more helpful Pet-TipsSavings, and Support!  Next week I answer a SUPER important question... how many litter boxes should you have in your home?


Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents and "Giving your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

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Sincerely, your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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