The many Benefits of a Cat Litter Box Cabinet!

The many Benefits of a Cat Litter Box Cabinet!

The many Benefits of a Cat Litter Box Cabinet!

One way to keep cat litter from tracking all over your house!  

Happy Thursday to all of my amazing pet-parents!   Once again, I hope you are all well this week, and staying HEALTHY yourselves with all of these viruses around us lately! Today, we move forward into Part IV in our "All About Cat Litter Boxes" series with one of the most important things to all of us CAT parents... How to keep cat litter from tracking all over your house???

cat litter box cabinet

As a long-time cat parent myself, this has been a topic which has plagued me for a long time - but a few years ago I decided I was DONE and was going to create a solution for my home by creating my own custom cat litter box cabinet and it has worked amazingly for us!

I couldn’t get him to face the camera lol- but here are some shots of Stubbin’s process of using the litter box in the custom-made litter cabinet we built for him, and if you look below I give you a nice video-tour.  A litter box cabinet is a fantastic option, I custom-built this one myself, however you can find many sellers on Etsy making litter box cabinets, and I have seen some options on places like Amazon, Wayfair, and even Chewy!

A litter cabinet will collect all of the litter your cat throws out of the box before they walk out of the cabinet collecting most if not all of the litter off your cat's feet.  A litter cabinet is not only great for collecting litter, but also is a solution for keeping dogs out of the litter box (no more crunchies :) and keeping young children out of the cat litter as this is a health-risk many parents with young children face.  

If you are going to invest in a litter box cabinet for your cats here are some of the features I recommend looking out for:  

1. Made from a non-absorbent material or wood which has been water-sealed
2.  A large entry hole to make it easy for entry and exit.
3.  A cabinet which gives the cat plenty of space around the litter box to feel very roomy, air for at least a 1-foot margin around the litter box space. 
4.  A cabinet which has windows, or several open cut-outs is best to bring in natural light and prevent your cat form feeling "claustrophobic" inside.  
5.  The more your cat must walk in and out to the litter box, the better because more litter will fall off their feet before exiting. 
6.  If you have any health limitations making it hard for you to bend down to scoop the litter box you might consider a two-tier cabinet which will also provide an easy stand-up position for scooping.  

One good option currently available is this cat-house cabinet, which is not advertised as a litter cabinet however you can remove the top door and a litter box can easily be installed in the top or bottom part of the cabinet, and a set of pet stairs can even be installed in from to help your cat get into the top part easily.  
OR, if you are crafty, or have a friend or family member who is, you are welcome to have the Blue-Prints for my litter box cabinet we built - simply reply to this email to receive a copy!

Sit, Stay, and Come back next week for more helpful Pet-Tips, Savings, and Support!  Next week - Another idea for keeping that cat litter IN the box and not tracked all over your house!!!

Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents and "Giving your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

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Sincerely, your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.


  • anyone interested in the blue prints can email us at:

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    I would love the blue prints.
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