BEST Litter Box Scoop!!!

BEST Litter Box Scoop!!!

BEST Litter Box Scoop!!!

The BEST Litter Box Scoop I have ever used!



After my 20 + years being a Cat-Mom, and now over 15+ yrs. professional experience working with cats I have found this litter scoop to be the best to help make this dirty job just a little bit easier!  There are several different brands making similar scoops too so you do not have to get this particular brand, but the scoop brand that I have currently and recommend is made by the company “DuraScoop.” This scoop is an extra wide metal scoop which is exactly why I love it! 

The benefits of this scoop are:

1.  Extra Wide so scoops more litter at a time reduce strain on your wrists and elbows with repetitive scooping. 
2.  Metal is much more durable than plastic preventing the scoop from bending and bowing or snapping in two (I have had this happen with many plastic scoops before!)
3.  The metal is also non-porous unlike plastic so bacteria, and potentials parasites from feces will not penetrate the scoop.
4.  Metal better withstands sanitizes like bleach for disinfecting. 
5.  This metal scoop has a nice rubber grip on the handle to help with holding and provide hand-comfort.

Happy Scooping my Cat-Parents :)

STAY TUNED...  we have ONE final thing to discuss in my "All About Litter Boxes" series... hwy I don't recommend electronic  litter boxes - but some tricks to ensure proper litter box use by your cats if you ARE using an electronic box!  


"Give your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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