Best Places to Buy Clothes for Your Hairless Pets!

Best Places to Buy Clothes for Your Hairless Pets!

Best Places to Buy Clothes for Your Hairless Pets!

Best Place to Buy Clothes for Your Hairless Pets!

Last week we discussed why it is actually beneficial to your hairless pet’s health to wear clothing when the weather or temperature in your home is cool. But where is the best place to buy pet clothing, and what kind of clothing should I be looking for?


The Right Size is Important

It’s incredibly important to ensure that the clothing you choose for your pet is the right size for them. If the clothing is too big around the neck or face, your pet can easily get caught on things around the house, or even get the fabric caught in their mouths. If the clothing is too small, it could restrict blood flow or even slowly choke your pet if they cannot get out. 


Custom is Best

When choosing what clothes to buy for your hairless pet, I strongly recommend custom fitting clothes! Not only does ordering custom ensure a perfect fit, but you can also choose what parts of your cat will be covered in clothes based on your needs. is a great place to find custom-made outfits for your furless friend. Custom-made clothing also carries less risk than other clothing since it is more likely to fit nicely, making it harder for your pet to get snagged on something.


Always Supervise

As with all costumes, harnesses, or clothing, you should closely supervise your pet while they are wearing them. Even when custom-ordered, a pet wearing clothing is a hazard. This is especially true of curious kitties that tend to find themselves in small or peculiar places!


Here are a few different companies which I have become affiliated with through the years, you may want to check out:



 Keep giving your pets the best of the natural life!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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