Do Hairless Pets Need Clothes?

Do Hairless Pets Need Clothes?

Do Hairless Pets Need Clothes?

Does Your Hairless Pet Need to Wear Clothes?

Most people that dress up their pets do it because they want them to look cute and adorable! However, for hairless pet owners, clothing is actually vital to the health of their pets. 


Challenges of Being Hairless

Hairless pets lack the fur that most pets use to regulate their temperature. As a result, they are continually losing body heat throughout the day. This is why they tend to require more calories, high-quality proteins, and high-quality fats than pets with fur. They are burning extra energy just trying to stay warm!


How Cold is Too Cold?

For your hairless pets, the cool temperature that some prefer to keep their homes at is too cold for them. If your home is under 75 degrees Fahrenheit, then your hairless cat needs some clothes! A warm sweater or set of pajamas is perfect to keep them cozy and safe. Positive reinforcement with lots of treats while in clothes helps your cat love them!


Energy Efficient

Your hairless cat is constantly using energy to keep itself warm throughout the day. When your cat is nice and warm in a sweater, they can redirect that energy into keeping themselves healthy! They can use it to aid in digestion. Immune system health, and other general cellular health and body cleansing functions.


Keep giving your pets the best of the natural life!




April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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