Calming Shampoos for Pets?

Calming Shampoos for Pets?

Calming Shampoos for Pets?

Here at ReNewedPet, we have become aware of a very interesting, unexpected benefit of our all natural and organic shampoos; people are reporting just how much the products are helping their pets who are normally stressed with bath-time be more relaxed during their typical baths.  We have had this reported multiple times over now, and people have reported that even their cats are actually enjoying bath time for the first time EVER!  While we can't say for certainty why some pets are doing so much better during bath time with our products than others, here is what we suspect:

organic pet shampoo

1. Our products are all natural ingredients, and made without added fluff to make it "smell" good to us, or any added fake colors to make it look a certain way.  Cats are extremely scent sensitive, and are also very chemical sensitive (hence many over-the-counter products are deadly to cats).  We think that perhaps these pets can really actually sense the difference in the products to their bodies.

2. The products are high in oil content/ low in soap content, which makes it very mild feeling to the skin, and again, more easy on the nose as soap is actually a harsh by-product of a chemical reaction (hence why soap burns our eyes).

3. The exfoliating gloves we send with the products are very calming to the pets, they love the feel of them on their skin, it gives them a nice kind exfoliating massage. 

4. They know it was made with LOVE by fellow pet lovers!!!  Okay... this last one is probably not true... but then again if you are a believer in these sort of energy connections in life, things made form love and good energy I believe pass that on in life (hence why some farmers play music to their plants/ or sing to them :)

Okay I will STOP saying HENCE LOL and I will leave you all be for the night!  

If you would like to try out any of our grooming products, and need advice on which formula to choose that is right for your pet, simple send us a message!


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