Does your pet suffer with eye discharge, red, swollen, irritated eyes?

If your pet has constant eye discharge, struggles with red, irritated, or swollen eyes, then you definitely want to take a minute and learn about our ReNewedPet herbal eyewash & eye remedy combo! It has been nearly a year now since we first launched this eye remedy, and we are having such fantastic results with it helping so many babies who either the vets couldn’t find them a solution, or their pet-parents, just wanted to try something more holistic and natural at home without the vet visit and the chemicals.


This herbal combination synergistic-ally soothes pets irritated eyes, reduces redness, inflammation, and has the microbial properties to aid in healing various causes of continual eye discharge. These drops are great for any pets and have been particularly helpful for hairless pet owners who tend to struggle with eye troubles do to the lack of fur and eyelashes to naturally protect the eyes from irritants.

Our drops are only $12.50 per 1 ounce, compared to other herbal eye drops online upwards to $30!  Or comparatively, a trip to your vet and a medicated eye drop, which contains harsh synthetic ingredients, will run you up to $80 - $100.  Then will possible NOT even work because often times your pet needs a product that actually cleans and soothes their eyes as well versus simply being a medication.  Often we have found that the medicated drops from your vet are highly irritating with strong antibiotics and steroids.  Try a safe, natural alternative to giving your pet eye clearing relief today!

"Give your Pets the Best of the Natural Life!"