Is your Cat Always Hungry?

Is your Cat Always Hungry?

Is your Cat Always Hungry?

Is Your Cat Always Hungry? Try this!

We all know that our cats love to remind us every time their food bowl is empty, or even if the bottom is showing! For some cat owners, this is can feel like a constant struggle with a cat that is always hungry. Fortunately, I can help you!


Are They REALLY Hungry?

Sometimes our cats act like they are hungry, but in reality they are just bored and looking for attention. Before changing up their diet or feeding schedule, you can try taking interreacting with them when they ask for food. Play time, an outdoor harness walk, or other engaging activities can really help a cat’s confidence and distract them from their food.


How to Know When They Are Actually Hungry

If your cat cannot be distracted away from their hunger, they likely are not getting enough nutrients from their current diet. This can lead to them not feeling satiated, and they will just keep eating to fill that void, risking obesity and other health issues.


Switching Their Diet

The first step is to switch your cat’s diet to one that provide them with all the nutrients they need. A fresh food diet, gently cooked diet, fresh frozen raw diet, and even a freeze-dried raw diet are all great choices. Just be sure to research your cat’s particular needs and what food would work best for them. Check out my TOP RECOMMENDED FRESH FOODS LIST


When A New Diet Is Not Enough

Often, when switching a cats diet I notice they still may seem hungry. To combat this, you can add extra healthy fats like butter, ghee, coconut oils into their food. Additives that are high in fiber like flax seeds and psyllium husks also help them feel satiated.
Just be sure to consult with a professional nutritionist like myself to ensure that you are giving the correct amounts of these additives!

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