Cat Litter making your Cat Sick?

Cat Litter making your Cat Sick?

Cat Litter making your Cat Sick?

Did you know that the cat litter you are using might be making your cat sick?

Certain organic cats litters like wheat, corn, soy, tofu, wood, paper, grass, walnut, do not absorb moisture very well.  This leads to the old urine potentially building up dangerous bacteria and fungus in the litter, especially the longer it sits.  These harmful microbes can then enter your pet's urinary system causing urinary tract infections, and can also be harmful to you and your cat when breathed in!



The best types of litters for absorption to prevent this possible risk are a high quality dust-free clay litter like @ Dr. Elsey's clay litters, or a silica-gel litter (not to be confused with silica crystal which can cause the lung condition silicosis) Pretty Litter is a good option of a silica gel litter. 


However, if your cat is a frequent cat-litter eater, choosing one of the organic, non-clumping litters would be safer.  For the lowest risk organic litter i recommend is OkoCat Litter.


Keep those pets happy and healthy everyone!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.



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