Causes for Blood in your Pet's Urine!

Causes for Blood in your Pet's Urine!

Causes for Blood in your Pet's Urine!

Most people are aware that blood in your pet's urine could mean they have an infection, however a bacterial ordinary tract infection is actually NOT the most common cause for blood in your pet's urine, especially in cats.  


  • The most common cause for blood in your pet's urine is due to a urethral stricture which restricts the flow of urine from the bladder and can cause inflammation leading to blood in the urine.  This type of urinary condition is actually not caused by any infection, but in fact is most often cause by STRESS in our pets.  
  • Bacterial or fungal infection anywhere in the urinary system which can be form a number of causes including: pet being obese or elderly and not able to groom well, not lifting themselves above the litter when using the litter box and sitting in the used litter, having chronic loose stool or diarrhea, or if your pet is diabetic.  
  • A kidney or bladder stone which can lead to inflammation and irritation to the lining of the urinary system leading to bleeding. 
  • Lastly, very rare, however a case of a tumor anywhere within the urinary tract could also be a cause of blood in your pet's urine. 


Of course, if you see blood in your pet's urine, immediately seek veterinary help, but here are some great things you can add into your pet's daily routine to try to help prevent these urinary issues. 

1.  A natural stress reliever like our Pet Tranquility formula, or Pet Nerve Relax formula.  

2.  A daily Urinary Health Remedy like this awesome herbal blend.

3.  Cranberry powder given in your pet's daily diet can also help to prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall.  This is the one I use and recommend: Cranberry Powder



Keep those pets healthy & happy everyone!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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