Dangerous ingredients in prescription pet foods!!!

Dangerous ingredients in prescription pet foods!!!

Dangerous ingredients in prescription pet foods!!!

Hi all of my pet lovers,  I am sorry to bring you not the most warm and fuzzy of an email today.  I just posted on my social media yesterday to alert everyone to a very important announcement.  I recently got the heads up from my fellow cat-loving friends at two crazy cat ladies, that an investigational report had been done looking at Prescription pet foods.  The report, no surprise to me was not very good.

I have been promoting against the use of any prescription diet for the last several years, due to the low quality ingredient list, as well as all of the potentially inflammatory and allergenic ingredients used.  Now however this report really solidifies why pet parents should steer clear of these foods.  This investigational report recently found that these high priced prescription foods score no higher than typical pet foods found at places like walmart, and as many as 40% contained pesticides, like the weed killer Glyphosate. For the safety of your pet, do not fall for these ridiculously priced foods that do not benefit your pets health at all. Purina, Hills Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, and Royal Canin where the brands investigated, and more-over none of these foods actually contain any medicine.   

I have posted to original video below, please take the few minutes to watch and educate yourself on this major health problem for our beloved babies!  


Know what you NEED to know to keep your pets safe and healthy, and remember a whole food, home-made cooked, or raw diet, is always BEST for your pets!  

For help form your certified pet nutritionist simply select a personal holistic pet health consult to get started!  


Your Holistic Pet Coach,

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