Why Pet Conditioner and for which pets?

Why Pet Conditioner and for which pets?

Why Pet Conditioner and for which pets?

Here at NudieNaturals, we get many people asking us all of the time why our NudieNatural's shampoo comes in combo sets, like the one picture here in our regular shampoo and conditioner combo? The answer is, this is simply the BEST way to bath your hairless pet to give them the healthiest, most clean balanced skin possible.  Please not that our conditioner is formulated just for hairless pets, our shampoo for pets with fur is actually a 2-in-1 shampoo.  

If you think about it, your hairless pet’s skin is much like yours and mine - without the fur like other pets to help to protect them from the elements, and absorb their body oils, as we all know, they need regular bathing. Also, just like our skin, they need conditioner - could you imagine your skin if you only ever used soap, and no conditioner? Your skin would likely not be very balanced, or soft or healthy. 

NudieNatural's conditioner formula provides the same benefit as human moisturizer, by locking in the moisture into the skin, as well as adding soothing, and restorative natural plant derived humectants to keep your babies skin PH balanced and healthy. So what this means for you is a baby with softer skin than you have ever seen with any other product, as well as a baby who stays CLEANER for far longer than before saving you extra time for “insert favorite series... etc. game of thrones???” Lol

  "Give your pets the BEST of the natural life!"

Your, Holistic Pet Coach,



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