Does Eating Grass mean you Pet is Sick?

Does Eating Grass mean you Pet is Sick?

Does Eating Grass mean you Pet is Sick?

Your pet eating grass because they are sick is actually another one of those internet myths I am happy to report.  While yes, your pet certainly can and sometimes will eat grass if they are sick to their stomach, this is not typically the case.  Our pets do have a wonderful instinctual ability to know in nature what they need to do and eat for their own self healing, and the thick fibrous fibers in grass will help mitigate if they are truly having a digestive issue.  


However, most typically, the reason why our cats and dogs often munch on grasses when available is actually because they simply enjoy it.  They enjoy the crispy taste and crunch and the tinge of sweetness and moisture within each blade.  Grasses are also loaded with healthful vitamins and minerals and life-giving phytonutrients like chlorophyll, which I truly believe our pets know what foods are good for them and also like to eat grass because instinctually in nature, they knew their bodies can benefit from the fiber and health-boosting vitamins so they are just naturally inclined to munch away on a bit of grass daily like their own natural daily vitamin.   


So go ahead and grow your pet's some organic indoor pet grass for them to enjoy, or you can even bring them in grass from outside in your yard only IF you do not spray your yard with chemicals for pest control of course!



~April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H. 

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