What can you do to support your Pet's Heart Health?

What can you do to support your Pet's Heart Health?

What can you do to support your Pet's Heart Health?

If you are a pet-parent to a breed who is prone to heart disease like my beloved hairless kitty Stubbin, or you have a pet who is already diagnosed with heart disease you need to know about these extremely effective supportive therapies which can massively help your pet's health!  


The following supplements have been proven to not only slow the progression of heart disease, but also to be protective and even in some cases partially reverse damage:

  • CoQ10: this is a critical coenzyme which directly works on the hearts cells to improve strength and function. 
  • Taurine: this is an essential amino acid to cats, and although dogs bodies can make their own supply, it requires a diet high in protein and rich in organ meats to provide the correct supply.  Taurine is found in good supply in beef liver which can be added into existing diets for those pets not on a fresh food diet.  
  • The herbal remedies of Hawthorn Berries, Ginkgo Biloba, and Garlic are all incredible for heart health providing increased strength, blood flow, flexibility and lowering blood pressure.  


We wanted to make it easy for pet parents to combine all of these vital heart-health supplements without having to search all of the internet to purchase, so we have put them into one convenient kit for you to purchase!  Our Heart Health Kit contains each of the highlighted most critical heart support supplements, and can be used safely with beta blocker medications for those already living with heart disease, use caution however if your pet is on blood thinners.  


Recommended for all breeds prone to heart disease by age 4 years, all other breeds by age 6 years, and for all pet already diagnosed with heart disease.  

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April Arguin C.P.N., M.P.H.

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