Give your pet Dandelions!

Give your pet Dandelions!

Give your pet Dandelions!

Hello again all of my cat lovers!  Just a quick note today to let you know about a fun unique natural treat for your pets!

I am taking about Dandelions - sadly many people in our modern world today do not value these incredible plants, as we view them as a pesky weed in our yards.  Personally however, once this whole world of natural medicine began to open up to me I have begun looking at the world in quiet a different way.

I now see these dandelions for what they truly are, health boosting incredible medicinal plants!  The cool thing is they are not only safe and effective for us all to use, but they are great for our cats too.  As long as your yard is not treated with chemicals treatments, your dandelions are perfectly safe from root to flower for your pets to eat as a fun snack. 

The best part is, these dandelions contain some really amazing health benefit for your pets health as well, from urinary health, to immune support, and over-all detoxing, dandelions are a very versatile medicinal plant your pets will love!

Your Holistic Pet Coach,

April Arguin

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