Great Organic Cat Litter Option!

Great Organic Cat Litter Option!

Great Organic Cat Litter Option!

Great ORGANIC Cat Litter Option!

I recently tried out a new litter called Dr. Bales One Source cat litter. I heard about it from my friends at Two Crazy Cat Ladies, who give great daily cat tips! 

My Experience

Unfortunately, it didn't work for my cat, Stubbins, because he has sensitive skin and seems to be allergic to all organic cat litters so we're sticking with either Dr. Elsie's natural clay litter or a silica gel-based litter. However, I still wanted to share this litter with you!

Why I Wanted to Be Able to Use this Litter

I wanted to use Dr. Bales One Source litter because even the best natural clay litters on the market contain sodium bentonite. This ingredient can be dangerous when cats lick their paws and ingest little bits of it. The sodium bentonite can get into their stomach and cause blockages. 

On the other hand, Dr. Bales One Source litter is all-natural and organic material that comes from the yucca plant. Your cat can ingest it into their system and still be safe. Plus, it's lightweight, has good odor control, is low tracking, and clumps really well! 

I'm bummed it didn't work for us but still wanted to share it with you guys so you can try it out because it might be a great natural litter for your cats!

Don't forget to also check out my recommended commercial raw foods while you're here to keep your pets healthy in more areas than just their litter box!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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