Herbs to Prevent & Reverse UTI's in Cats & Dogs!

herbs for pet urinary health
Did you know that herbs can prevent and even reverse urinary tract infections in our pets?

There are many things we can do to help prevent urinary issues in our pets, one of the many methods I use is to routinely give this herbal urinary/kidney relief blend made by the amazing hawaiipharm company.
You may not have known this, but yes there are many natural remedies to help the urinary system, not just cranberry!  Herbs like the ones contained in this blend: cleavers, marshmallow, Oregon grape, urva ursi, yarrow, and dandelion all work together to provide multiple levels of prevention:

1.  Promote more frequent urinary to help prevent the build-up of urinary bacteria and crystals via over-concentrated urine.
2.  Help prevent the adhering of bacteria to the bladder wall which causes acute infection.
3.  The ingredients themselves are disinfectants helping to directly reduce bacteria numbers.
4.  Reduce inflammation of the bladder and urethra which helps prevent tissue damage and blockage.
5.  Help to actually dissolve urinary crystals which can build up to cause damage and blockage.

Pretty amazing these herbs can do ALL of that huh... that is the beautiful power of natural medicine!

Safe to be used to help reverse and active UTI (urinary tract infection), or used 2X daily to help prevent further occurrence for pets who have multiple chronic infections/blockages.

We are now an authorized re-seller for HawaiiPharm as well so this product can be ordered directly from our website.

Stay tuned for the rest of the urinary health series to learn how to keep your pets GOING number 1 well!

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