How Many Litter Boxes Should you Have for your Cats?

How Many Litter Boxes Should you Have for your Cats?

How Many Litter Boxes Should you Have for your Cats?

Do you know how Many Litter Boxes you should Have?  

Hi to all my pet-lovers... this week is ALL about the kitties as we continue on my “All About Litter Boxes” series... and today I answer a very common question of How Many Litter Boxes should you have for your cat/s?


How many cat litter boxes should you have

The answer is that you should actually always maintain one additional litter box in your home than you have cats. So, it looks like this:

1 Cat = 2 Litter Boxes
2 Cats = 3 Litter Boxes
3 Cats = 4 Litter Boxes
4 Cats = 5 Litter Boxes ... and so on.

The theory behind this rule is that a cat likes to have options, just like if they were outside in their natural territory they would have a few designated areas as their “bathroom spots” and especially in a multi-cat household, in natural outdoor life, a cat would never typically share the same bathroom area, unless it was in fact to “mark” the area as a show of territorial aggression.

An extra litter box may cost an extra $10, and cost you maybe one additional minute to scoop 2 or 3 boxes instead of only one... however following this SIMPLE rule could be the one thing that keeps your cat-home happy and prevents your cat or cats from ever experiencing painful bladder conditions, or using your HOUSE as their bathroom which becomes incredibly stressful and a ton of work to reverse!

Stay tuned... for next week's Pet-Tip we explore some good places in your home to place your cat's litter box to ensure they are most comfortable in their bathroom space!  


Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents and "Giving your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

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Sincerely, your PetCoach,

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