Is your Pet's Dish causing Acne on your Pet?

Is your Pet's Dish causing Acne on your Pet?

Is your Pet's Dish causing Acne on your Pet?

You may have heard of this before and perhaps you wondered if it was merely and internet rumor?  While I typically am dispelling internet pet-health rumors, this one actually holds TRUE!  


Plastics are actually made up of thousands of microscopic pores which can give a haven to bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can create networks of biofilms and live safely within these pores even with regular washing.  




The bacteria harboring in the pores of plastic pet food dishes therefore can leech onto your pet's chin while eating causing them to break-out in acne/pimples; not to mention, many of these pet food dishes contain hazardous chemicals which can also leech into your pet's food causing multiple ill health effects over time like endocrine disruption and even cancers.


So TOSS those plastic pet food dishes and switch to a much safer alternative, using either stainless steel and ceramics.  Also, be certain to clean your pet's dishes DAILY and after each meal to prevent bio-films which can still build-up in stainless or ceramic dishes if left sitting too long uncleaned. 


If your pet is struggling with chin acne or anywhere else, be certain to check out our plant-based Pet Acne Remedy

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