Keep Your Sphynx Cat's Skin Safe When Laying by Windows!

Keep Your Sphynx Cat's Skin Safe When Laying by Windows!

Keep Your Sphynx Cat's Skin Safe When Laying by Windows!

Did you know that your sphynx is still at risk of sun damage inside the house?

Yep, folks, our sun worshiping kitties can still get sunburned even if they’re indoors. But don’t worry, I’m going to share some simple tricks that I use for my own cats to keep their sensitive skin safe and protected from the sun's harmful rays.



I moved to my mom’s house a few weeks back and I installed Stubbin’s window cat bed at the front of the house where we get the most sun (about 5 hours per day)  - he has always been an unapologetic sun-king, so I have had to pull out all the stops to keep him safe.

Through windows, it’s been reported that there is about 90% UV protection, but of course I cannot let him lie in the sun for that long, day after day as cats can still get sun damage, so one of the first things I recommend is to install a UV blocking film on your windows. You can find some really affordable options at your local home depot, hardware store, or on Amazon. You cut it to the size of your window and it's very easy to install if you use a squeegee. This will provide even more protection as the film is designed to block out any UV rays.

Then I have a UV blocking sunsuit that I put Stubbin in to protect the majority of his body from any UV rays that have sneaked through the other protective barriers. Stubbin has several of these outfits made from UV blocking material and it’s about a SPF 50. Stubbin likes to shop at Purrwear and Polo Cats for the most fashionable ranges of sun-safe clothing. If you choose your own supplier, make sure you do your research as some companies are selling clothes that are not actually UV-blocking and charging premium prices. 

On your pet, whether they are hairless or furry, if they spend a lot of time in the sun, you need to protect them with a high-quality pet-safe sunscreen, like I offer at RenewedPet.  For furry pets this will be their noses, bellies, and ears, and for hairless pets, you’ll put the sunscreen on any exposed areas not covered by the UV sunsuit.

Now Stubbin can safely lie and bask in the sun because every inch of him is protected. He is now 9 years old and has lived in sunny Florida his whole life and he doesn’t have any sun damage at all. The above tips are how I’ve kept him safe and they can work for your kitty too.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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