Help your Pet Naturally Heal Organ Disease!

If your pet has been diagnosed with any type of organ disease; kidney, spleen, heart, liver.. etc.. one of the very best things you can do to help support your pets health is by adding organ meats into their regular diets. 

The Holistic Approach

Eating organs for organ health is based on the holistic approach of using food as medicine, and allowing the body to utilize critical nutrients from various organ meats to give support to their own struggling organ systems.

For example, if your pet has been diagnoses with a heart condition, adding a beef heart supplement to their diet each day will help provide your cats with the full spectrum of various amino acids and nutrients unique to heart muscle tissue. 

Make it Easy!

The great news is, adding additional organs to your pet's diet, doesn't have to be difficult, messy, or gross. Thanks to the modern world's connectivity, there are now amazing resources for powdered organ meats which you can simply sprinkle onto your pet's daily meal to give them this amazing natural health-boost!  There are several options for different organs on the market, including even the sex-organ systems for pet's who have been spayed and neutered, but here at ReNewedpet we offer this unique blend of five different organs formulated to meet the needs of most pets! Check out our Organ-Health Powder for your pet today!


The other very best thing you can do for your pet for any stage of life, but especially if they are currently struggling with a chronic health condition, is to feed them a FRESH moisture-rich diet.  Check out my list of Top Recommended Fresh Pet Foods, or consider going the extra mile in health and even learning how to make your own homemade pet food!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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