Raw Diet = Firm Poops!

Raw Diet = Firm Poops!

Raw Diet = Firm Poops!

Raw Diet = FIRM POOPS!

If you've switched your pet to a raw, fresh diet, you may have noticed that they have more solid poops than before. When you notice a change like this, it's common to find yourself wondering if it's normal!

Good News!

It's actually great news if you're noticing firmer poops with your pet after they've switched to a raw diet. In fact, most pets, especially Sphynx cats, generally have too loose stool. This is a sign that their body isn't digesting all of their food completely. 

It can actually be bad for their health long term if they have loose stool. This is why firm is what we want to see!

How Firm Is Too Firm?

You want to make sure that your pet's poops aren't too firm. A healthy poop shouldn't break into a bunch of little pieces. It also shouldn't be too gray or white in color. These colors can be a sign that your pet isn't getting enough vegetable plant matter or too much bone in their diet. 

It is completely normal for your pet to have firmer poops and is actually one of the things people most love about switching their pet to a fresh, raw diet! To make the most of your pet's raw diet, consider adding digestive enzymes and probiotics to their daily routine for a well-rounded diet!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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