Natural Pet Stress-Aid

Natural Pet Stress-Aid

Natural Pet Stress-Aid

This is one of the Best Pet Stress-Remedies I have ever used!  

I am still talking about Urinary Health in our pets.. because there is So much to cover, last post I discussed how stress can negatively impact urinary health, so one of the best things you can do for your pet is to have a natural stress-aid like this on hand to use for them during times of stress.

Alright so WHAT is it already... you might be asking...I am talking about Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets... I only WISH that I had known about this all natural stress remedy for my pets years ago!  

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets

The Bach Rescue Remedy is one of the BEST stress-aids I have come across through the years, better than any pharmaceutical stress medication, and now I always have on hand for my pets.  This Remedy is best reserved for "as needed" use versus daily use, and I frequently use this aid whenever we have thunderstorms, unexpected guests, vet trips, moving furniture... anything that might stress my pets.

There are many reasons I love this product, here are a few of the main ones: 

 1. Affordable - only $14.40 on our site
2.  Easy to give to your pets, a few drops into their mouth, into a treat, or into their ear.

3.  Pets seem to not mind the sweet taste.
4.  It works quickly, full effects within 15 minutes of administering for fast relief of anticipated, or unexpected stressors. 
5.  All natural, no sedation, grogginess, or unwanted sedatives like many prescription stress-aids. 
6.  Tried and true, the formulations were made and created by Dr. Bach since 1902.  
7. Safe, and easy to dose for cats and dogs, not like many other products on the market which do not have safe dosing guidelines for small cats.  

Don't wait until you Wish you had some on hand for your pets... order now to be prepared and keep it in your home, your pets travel crate, walking bag etc. to be prepared to help your pet if a stressful event occurs.  

You can purchase on our website

STAY TUNED...  more on keeping your pets Urinary Health well coming up... next stop - I talk about pet water fountains, and which ones I have found to be best to help increase our pets water intake, and also THIS pet-safe all natural fruit which greatly helps reduce urinary infections in pets.  

Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents and "Giving your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

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Sincerely your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.
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