Never Feed your Holiday Foods!

Never Feed your Holiday Foods!

Never Feed your Holiday Foods!

What Holiday Foods to Never Feed your Pets!

I know many of you are just like me and we want to include our pets in all of our holiday festivities!  However you need to be careful about what foods you offer to share with your pets this year!

Of course this list is not exclusive, but be sure to never feed any of these common holiday foods to your pets: 

Apple core or seeds
Cocoa - anything containing cocoa powder - read all ingredients
Macadamia Nuts
Skins or Fats or drippings from ANY cooked meats
...and finally NO cooked bones ever!!!

For a full list of holiday foods which you CAN feed your pets, check out my blog from Thanksgiving HERE!

Also for those of you like me who have pets who are very stress-prone remember to take extra precautions for holiday gatherings which can be stressful with lots of new activity in your home that your pets may not be used to.  It is a good idea to let your guests know ahead of time to be mindful of your pet or pets who are sensitive to stress, and may even be appropriate to keep your pet in a quiet bedroom during the gathering.

Another thing to consider is giving your pet a natural calming aid to help them relax and lower their stress levels during all of these holiday changes.  One of the best all natural aids I recommend is Bach Rescue Remedy.  It is a unique blend of flower essences which are quickly effective and safe for cats and dogs, it works perfect for day-of stress events unlike other herbal blends which must be used daily for best results, and the best thing is it is NON-sedative!  Your baby will feel happy and energetic just more calm and adaptable to stressful situations.  

Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents!!!

Hope each of your has a wonderful holiday and start to the New Year!

For personalized one-on-one coaching for any health or behavior issues in your pets simply schedule a consult now @

Sincerely your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.
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