After considerable research into the best fresh pet food diets commercially available, I have made my selections and the first company on my list is named "NOMNOM."  Their recipes were created by a board certified veterinary nutritionist, all ingredients are US sourced and restaurant quality,  ingredients are gently cooked separately, no high temps or extrusions, comes in perfectly proportioned packs so no need to measure and no risk of over or under feeding.  Lastly, they will deliver your pet's food directly to your doorstep. 

My only complaint with this company is that they do not have enough protein verities as it is for our pets best health to feed a rotation of at least 4-5 different proteins on a monthly basis in order to give them a wide-spectrum of different nutrients of vitamins and amino acids found in differing meat sources. 

If you decide to order form NomNom, just know that you will have to rotate with a different company food as well for your pets best health; which is not a bad option actually because contrary to some belief giving your pets different brands of foods is actually healthful as well to provide differing formulas, as long as all foods are high quality of course. 

Or you might want to choose to feed a meal plan form a company like NomNom and also rotate with your own home-made cooked pet food diet, which is an even more premium option because nothing is more fresh than home-made (
schedule a consult with me to learn how)


Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.