For the next blog I will be posting my top recommended list of fresh pets foods. However, before sending out my new list I thought it would be helpful to clarify what is a fresh-pet food diet anyhow, as some of you might be a bit confused on what this category of pet foods really is; I know I was in the beginning of my journey!

Firstly, there are two classes of fresh-cooked pet foods.  Either the fresh cooked foods you make yourself at home in your own kitchen (schedule a consult with me to learn how), or those foods prepared by a company who specializes in fresh-cooked pet foods and are available commercially for pick-up from your local pet store or delivered straight to your door. 

These fresh-cooked pet foods are exactly that, fresh foods that have been gently cooked and packaged and either sold refrigerated or frozen for preservation.  By this means of processing and storing much more of the nutrients are preserved which bring health to your pets versus the alternative highly processed and persevered canned/boxed pet foods. 

A fresh raw diet is still considered a higher quality diet because even with this gentle food processing method the cooking process is still damaging to the food nutrients whereas the fresh raw diets are the closest thing to preserving all of the nutrients we can offer our pets next to letting them go out and catch their own meals!  


Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.