Pet Poison Control #'s You Need!

Pet Poison Control #'s You Need!

Pet Poison Control #'s You Need!

Hope for the best, plan for the worst - never is this more true than when you are a pet parent. 

When you are in a crisis and your pet is in trouble, you cannot afford to waste time trying to figure out what to do. And typically, when you’re panicked, common sense and logic are the first things to depart. You don’t want to be scrambling around trying to find the information of people to help if something should happen to your pet.

Here are the two numbers you always want to keep in your phone contacts in case your pet is ever poisoned.


 Pet Poison Helpline

The first number you want easy access to is the Pet Poison Helpline - (855) 764 - 7661. This is a valuable website to be familiar with as they help over 2 million animals annually. They have a full time staff of trained professionals on board to answer your calls. This is a wonderful resource to have on hand in the event of an emergency.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control

The second number you should have on hand is for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control - (888) 426 - 4435. They are there to support you any time you think your pet may have been poisoned. They offer a 24/7 service so be sure to visit their website to familiarize yourself with all that they offer as well. 

In addition to these numbers, you should research the nearest Veterinary ER Clinic in your area and program their number into your phone as well. It’s advisable to put their address into your GPS or Google maps, so you have the best route to get there in an emergency. 

Make sure to follow these steps so in the event of an emergency, you can get your pet the quick, life-saving treatment they need.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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