Tip For Keeping Cats OFF the Counters!

Tip For Keeping Cats OFF the Counters!

Tip For Keeping Cats OFF the Counters!

We all know how kitties love to be where they shouldn’t! And kitchen counters are a favorite spot - especially when you’re preparing something yummy like chicken!

Here is the third installment in my video series of all my top tips to keep your cat off your counter. (If you missed them, you can watch the first two videos here).


My top tip today is super easy to set up and won’t cost much either. Get yourself some double sided tape and stick it all along the edge of your counter. When your cat goes to jump up on the counter and their paw hits the tape, they won’t like the sticky feeling so they will jump off the counter and hopefully not return. 

However, if you have a really smart kitty, they might learn to simply jump over the tape and get on the counter anyway. In that case you might want to get this really neat device that gives a burst of air when the sensor is triggered. So when you put this on your counter and your cat jumps up, they will trigger the motion sensor and the device will give off a short and harmless burst of air that is just enough to irritate your kitty. They will quickly learn that you don’t want them up on the counter and stop jumping up, leaving your counter clean and safe.

Please never scare your kitty with loud noises, spray them with water or use any type of negative fear-based reinforcement with them as this will damage your bond with them long-term and may create other behavioral issues that are far more serious than jumping on the counter. 

Cat’s are very smart pets and if you follow my tips and tricks consistently and with patience you will be able to teach them that jumping on counters is an unwanted behavior.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H


  • Thank you, that is great information to be aware of. We have not personally used that product and wasn’t aware of those warnings. We will be mindful of this in the future when recommending this.

    RenewedPet on

  • Just an “FYI” about Sscat product. I purchased it inhopes of keeping my cats off the counter, received product and read all info and warnings… States in first Aid and treatments…. If inhaled get medical attention if you feel unwell after skin contact rinse the affected area with soap and water. After eye contact rinse/flush eyes gently using water for 15 to 20 minutes also Do not use on your animal if it is not in good health to take it to the vet first and check your animal… Scared me enough reading that I do not want to use it on my animals as they are hairless and it is inevitable that they will get it on their skin and in their eyes and breathe it…so use at your own discretion but please be aware of this. If anyone has feed back on use of product good or bad greatly appreciated 🙂

    Tracy on

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