Prevent Pet Nose CANCER!

My pet tip for you today however, is all about your pet's NOSE!  Did you know that your pet's nose is the most common site of skin cancer on their body?  This is because on most pets this is the only exposed body part not covered in fur, unless you have a hairless baby of course.  Not only this reason however, another consideration is that your pet's nose, much like human noses is often the part of the body which sticks out the most and is closet to the sun during the time of exposure.  

This is why you need to be certain you are protecting your pet's nose every time you spend more than 15 minutes in direct sun exposure to help prevent your beloved baby ever succumbing to skin damage or skin cancers.  Be certain to use a PET-SAFE SUNSCREEN like ours, be certain it is also labeled for cats if you are using on your cat, because some of the dog sunscreens currently on the market are still dangerous for cats.  Be certain to never use a human sunscreen, or even a baby sunscreen as the ingredients in them like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are toxic to pets.