Primal Frozen Raw Pet Food is a GREAT OPTION!

Primal Frozen Raw Pet Food is a GREAT OPTION!

Primal Frozen Raw Pet Food is a GREAT OPTION!

Alright here we are cranking right through this list of top recommended frozen raw pet food brands! If you missed #1 you can check it out here.  

Let's get right to it shall we, I know you are busy taking care of life so you have more time with your pet babies.

#2 on my Top Recommended Frozen Raw Foods List is:

Primal Brand Pet Food


  • Great wide variety of different proteins offered to keep your pet healthy with the minimum recommendation of at least 4-5 different proteins regularly in the diet. 
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Diets available for both cats and dogs
  • Uses an ideal 77/33% protein/carbs ratio for dogs; and 91/9% for cats
  • Taurine added, even in the dog variety which most companies do not
  • Uses cage-free, and grass feed animals
  • Widely available online and retailers near you
  • No synthetic Vitamins
  • One big draw-back in their formulas for dogs and cats, is they use dried kelp as the source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • While dry kelp is a great source for humans, especially cats and dogs as well have a difficult time processing omega-3 fatty acids from sources other than fish. 
  • Best sources of omega-3's for pets are sardines, cod, herring, cod liver, krill, squid, salmon, mackerel.  
  • Also, the available size options could be better, I wish they offer the 1-2 lb. frozen logs for dogs again, and the patty size for cats.  

Bottom line, Primal brand is a great choice of frozen raw food for your dogs and cats, however you should consider adding either whole sardines to their diet (2 fish per 10 lbs.) or a quality pet-specific fish oily daily into the food to ensure your pet is getting all of their needs met!

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